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Every Adult Family Care Home is required to have Policies and Procedures which will be reviewed during your initial survey/inspection and annually thereafter. The procedures provide step-by-step details for the day-to-day operation of an AFCH. A copy of these procedures must be kept in your facility file. 

AFCH Policies & Procedures

  • **Please Note** - It is the Owner's responsibility to write their own procedures before the initial inspection, however,  you can purchase a downloadable template from this website.

  • This document includes comprehensive details on the following policy and procedure subjects:

    • Admission Criteria and Procedures
    • Omission, Overdose, or any Adverse Reaction to Medication
    • Incident Reporting Procedures
    • Handling Medical Emergencies
    • When a Resident is a Danger to Self and Others
    • Discharging a Resident
    • Transferring a Resident
    • Resident Terminates Residency
    • Advance Directive Procedures
    • Do Not Resuscitate Procedure
    • Resident’s Payment Responsibility
    • Assistance with Self-Administration of Medications
    • Residents Access to a Homelike Atmosphere
    • Resident Grievance Policy
    • Resident Elopement Response
    • Procedure for Lodging Ombudsman Complaints
    • Cultural Competency Plan
    • Family Policy


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