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What is an Adult Family Care Home?

An AFCH provides a stable living environment for individuals who are unable to live independently. AFCH residents live full-time in a private home with a licensed AFCH provider. The licensee is required to own/lease the home and also live in the home with the residents at all times.  An Adult Family Care Home is NOT associated with Assisted Living Facilities. Please review the differences between AFCH and ALF here.

Am I required to attend the entire 12 Hour Training?

Yes - In order to receive the 12-Hour Core Training Certification, all participants must complete a total of 12 Hours in training. Training can be completed online or in-person. 

What are some details about AFCH I should know?

  • By Law, licensee must LIVE IN THE HOME

  • Must be 21 years of age or older to own an AFCH

  • Professional liability insurance not required

  • No Menus, No timesheets, No employees

  • No need for Federal Employee Identification Number. (FEIN)

  • No Occupational license required.

  • No need for a fictitious name

  • License will always be in the Providers name

  • AFCH cannot provide respite care nor Adult Day services

Who can live in an Adult Family Care Home?

Up to five (5) disabled adults including frail elders are able to live in the AFCH. These individuals may include, but are not limited to:

  • Persons with physical/mental disabilities

  • Veterans

  • 18+ young adults who are aging out of foster care

  • Seniors & Senior Couples


  • Homeless

  • Pregnant women

  • APD Clients

Can I speak to an AFCH Consultant before attending the training class?

Yes. Florida AFCH Training is one of the most experienced AFCH Consultants in the industry providing guidance and resources. Although it is not required, we encourage you to have a consultation prior to attending class to determine if owning an Adult Family Care Home is a good fit for you.

Click Here To Schedule A Consultation

What does the 12-Hour Core Training course include?

Florida AFCH Training provides a comprehensive certification training that includes

  • 12-Hour Training Certificate

  • AFCH Training Manual 

  • 50+ AFCH Documents 

  • Provider Roadmap for Licensing

  • Post-Training Consultation

  • Placement Ageny List

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