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Before or at the time of admission to an AFCH, the Provider and the Resident must sign a residency agreement which is a contract. The Florida Administrative Code, 58A-14.0062 lists mandatory requirements which must be included in the residency agreement. A copy of the agreement must be kept in the resident file for 5 years. 

AFCH Residency Agreement

  • **Please Note** - It is the Owner's responsibility to write a Residency Agreement which should be available for the initial inspection and every resident admission thereafter.

  • This document includes comprehensive details on the following residency agreement terms:

    • AFCH Home Services & Accomodations
    • Residency Agreement Addendum Policy
    • Rate Increase Policy
    • Bed Hold Policy
    • Resident Payment Requirements
    • Discharge/Transfer Policy
    • Resident Terminates Residency Policy
    • Refund Policy
    • Level Of Supervision
    • Medication Administration Policy
    • Smoking Policy
    • Residents Rights Overview
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